Leather Care

Bevelling LeatherOur items are made from real quality Leather and we hope you will love it and enjoy using it as much as we have making it. Our leather items take many man hours to make by hand and you can be assured you have a unique product.
Please expect some colour variations and leather particularities, a common feature of authentic handmade leather items, this can include imperfections such as scar marks, blemishes and tick bites, whilst we select the best cuts over time some of these imperfections may show.

Over time your leather will acquire a vintage patina and will soften with time, this is not a fault but natural process of the leather.

What is full grain leather?
There are several Qualities of leather. The toughest part of an animal’s hide would be just below the hair. The natural grain patterns are prevalent and can be identified easily.

Whats the difference?
Top of the tree is “Full Grain Leather” after this is the lower grade Top grain leather that is full grain leather that has had the top layer removed to eliminate any type of blemishes and imperfections, such as Branding marks and insect bits. An artificial grain type pattern is then stamped over to give it a more natural look.

Full grain leather will look better as it gains age with that lovely patina look.

What is saddle stitching?
Saddle stitching is considered to be one of the strongest stitches possible, much stronger than machine stitched as if the stitch is cut or broken the item will still hold together where as a sewing machine will use a running stitch which if cut or broken can unravel all of the stitching.
We use Tiger Thread (a top quality waxed thread) on all our products.

Leather Care Guide
If you take good care of your full grain leather product, it will age beautifully.

If your item should get wet, refrain from using excessive amounts of heat as this can alter the leather’s properties. This will show in the form of discolorations and may even shrink. A clean dry cloth and natural drying would be much better.

If you leather starts to get too dry and stiff you can use a leather cream on it too help restore it

PLEASE don’t detergents or chemicals on your Leather items.

As with all leather items they will stretch with use. If your new wallet seems tight when you first receive it it will stretch with use but please don’t try to overload it with too many cards etc only carry what you need .