F.A.Q. – Help


Fitting a  cat collar?

A: 1) Make sure the collar is not too tight as this can be dangerous  and not too loose otherwise your cat will just pull it off.
It should be  a safe and comfortable fit, you should be able to fit only 1 to 2 fingers (flat) between the collar and the neck. If you can fit more than this, the collar is too loose.

What age can you put a collar on a kitten?

Kittens should not wear collars at all until they are at least 6 months old.
The cats  muscles in their necks need to have time to get stronger and grow. Most cat collars would not fit a kitten younger than 6 months anyway. Wait until your kitten’s old enough to have one we cater for older and younger cats, have a look at our Cat Collars